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The “120” Conference!

Attend the Event In Atlanta, As Eric Thomas, #1 Motivational Speaker In The World Takes To The Stage & Demonstrates How Easy It Is To Tap Into Your Power From Within, Overcome ANY Obstacle Standing In Your Way, Finish EVERYTHING You Set Your Mind To, AND Start Living The Life That YOU Deserve!

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This ONE Conference Has The Power To Change Your ENTIRE Life…
Clear Your Schedule On Saturday, September 25th & Sunday September 26th… We’ve Got Work To Do.
**But Hurry, Because This Event Is In Extremely High Demand**
There Are NO Valid Excuses As To Why ANYONE Should Be Living Their Life At Less Than 120%
You SHOULD have the confidence to go full speed ahead at whatever challenges, obstacles or setbacks might come your way. 

That’s what I call “living life at 120%”. 

You SHOULD have the power and freedom to create the life that you want to live, and the life that you truly deserve. 

Honestly, it’s easily achievable for anyone. 

You SHOULD be able to keep an ever-growing action-taking momentum going so that you can effortlessly finish every task, project or goal you set your mind to.
But the truth is…
Less Than 20% Of People Will Choose To Take Action, Breakthrough Their Limiting Beliefs & Unleash Their True Potential 
They’ll keep promising themselves that they’re going to START that business, or BUY that house, or SAVE that money... Only to blow their entire savings on a brand new iPhone.  

They’ll keep HESITATING, PROCRASTINATING and SUFFOCATING themselves whenever things get tough or they have a bad day... And they’ll never see ANYTHING through to the end.

They’ll keep their computer mouse hovered over that “Apply For Your Dream Job” button FOREVER more
... Never even giving themselves a chance at true happiness.

So, you must decide right now... right now if the difficult times are going to define you. Or, if you are going to take control and LIVE 120.
Are You Ready To Unleash Your Natural,
God-Given Superpowers & Attract Success, Wealth, Happiness & Health With Unstoppable Force?
Not the kind of superpowers that give you a tight lycra suit and a cape... The kind of superpowers that allow you to tap into your unique personality, habits and behavioral patterns, and unlock the greatness that has been lying dormant inside you for far too long.
You Need To Attend The 120 Experience If You Ever Felt Like This: 
What Makes The 120 Experience So Phenomenal?
With over 20 years of experience of being a business owner, world-renowned speaker and educator, E.T is one of the most inspiring world-changers ever known to man. 

His genuine passion for people, pushing past limiting beliefs, and getting things done is truly infectious, and has the power to rub off even on those who feel that they have no path or direction in life. 

His wisdom, way with words and unwavering enthusiasm for helping those achieve everything they want (and more) is unlike anything you will have ever experienced before.
But Despite E.T’s Impressive Track Record, His Journey To Greatness Wasn’t What You Might Expect…
  • He Wasn’t “Raised To Be A Leader”
  • ​He Wasn’t Born Into A Wealthy Family
  • ​He Wasn’t A High-Achiever In School Or College
  • ​He Didn’t Have A Strong Father Figure (or any father figure for that matter)
And Although These Days, You May Know Eric As:
  • One of the top innovative educators in the world
  • A motivational, inspirational, world-renowned speaker
  • A highly sought-after consultant for Major League Sports Franchises, players, and top Fortune 500 and 100 companies around the globe.
“That guy from the “Best Motivational Speech EVER Given” video that went viral back in 2012…”
As a teen failing almost every class in school, Eric dropped out of high school and lived homeless on the streets of Detroit for two years.

He had no money, no friends, and no one to turn to.

For TWO YEARS he was living in run-down, abandoned buildings that had no running water or electricity. For TWO YEARS he barely got by from eating out of the local takeaway and restaurant trash cans. For TWO YEARS he’d given up, and lost all hope, drive and aspiration.

And those two years were the longest, most regretful times of Eric’s life. Because he had labeled himself the “victim”.

He was constantly looking at what he didn’t have, rather than what he could have, what he could achieve, what he could make for himself.

Just like you are right now. 

But after literally being stripped of the bare necessities for over 24 months, one day he woke up and said “enough is enough”. 

From that day forward, he started looking at life with a brand new pair of eyes. Where he once saw dead ends, wrong turns, and impossible tasks, he now saw opportunities, possibilities and brand new adventures. But he often wondered, was it “too little too late?”

It’s NEVER “Too Late”. 
You’re NEVER “Too Old”. 
You’re NEVER “Too Far Gone”.

Eric is living proof of that. After hitting rock bottom and coming to terms with the life that was unexpectedly unfolding before him, he came to the conclusion that he didn’t have to sit and simply play the hand that he had been dealt…

Because he realized that:  
  • There was more to life than what he had.
  • He did have the power to change his own circumstances.
  • He already had everything he needed to turn his life around.
And he’d just pulled up to the biggest, most transformational crossroads of his whole entire life.
There and then, he recognized that he had two options:
01. Admit Defeat
He could have kept coming up with excuse after excuse about why he wasn’t smart enough to succeed, couldn’t concentrate at school, or “didn’t test well” under pressure.

He could have locked in a short, miserable, dangerous life of living on the streets, without a roof over his head or a warm bed to lie in.

And he could have given up completely. But he didn’t. Because he had DECIDED that he could do more, achieve more, be more. The only person holding him back was himself.

Nobody was forcing him to live on the streets. Nobody was forcing him to skip meals, or go days without basic necessities. Nobody was forcing him not to go back to school and make something of himself.

It was all his doing.

That was the first of his many “lightbulb moments”. This is when he realized that a life beyond his wildest dreams, despite his current situation, was really there for the taking. And there was only one way to get there…
02. Live Life At “120”
From that day forward, everything Eric did, he gave 120% to. His job, his friendships, his education, his business ideas, nothing Eric did was ever “mediocre”, or “average”, or “just the bare minimum”. It might have taken him 12 years, but Eric got a 4-Year Degree, a Master’s Degree, AND a PHD...

...And that was only the beginning.

He discovered who he was, what superpowers he possessed, and he started learning how to leverage them to build a life full of opportunities, success, and greatness. He began writing books, coaching clients, getting head-hunted to take the stage at global speaking events and he started making something for himself.

And over the next three months… Eric wants to help you do the same.

No matter what your current financial situation, living situation, or ideal situation, over the next three months, if and only if you swear to live life at 120%, you will discover how to tap into your true potential and truly transform your life, health, wealth and happiness.
Here Are The Strategies, Tools, & “The 120 Mindset” That Will Change Your Life 👇
Building a solid foundation is key to success. We’ll teach you how to build a strong, never-wavering foundation that will pave the way for a more successful life.

This foundation will support you through thick and then, good days and bad days, and never let you down when times get tough.

Every journey has its ups and downs, and in life, you have to expect the unexpected. We’ll teach you how to dig in and fight through the waves of disappointments and discouragement that you may, or may not, face throughout your journey.  Many people give up when the going gets tough, but we’re going to teach you how to sustain and succeed even on your worst days.
We finish what we start. Period. 

Living the 120 lifestyle is about mastering the art of completion. 

Too often, we quit or slow down right as we're approaching the finish line. Learn how to run through the tape to finish strong.
We finish what we start. Period. 

Living the 120 lifestyle is about mastering the art of completion. 

Too often, we quit or slow down right as we're approaching the finish line. Learn how to run through the tape to finish strong.

You’ll learn the elements, language patterns and habits that make up each personality type. 

You'll learn how each personality executes tasks and how best to pair them to maximize your strengths, and minimize weaknesses.

You’ll learn the elements, language patterns and habits that make up each personality type. 

You'll learn how each personality executes tasks and how best to pair them to maximize your strengths, and minimize weaknesses.
We'll show you your behavioral preferences and how recognizing and understanding them is essential to filling the gaps in your “leaky bucket”. After taking the DISC assessment, you'll receive a personalized breakdown that outlines your superpowers and natural talents, and how to leverage them to live life on your terms. 
This is the 120 mindset, understanding what it takes to finish whatever we start. This is an essential skill set for ANYONE looking to level up their life in 2021 and beyond.

This is the 120 mindset, understanding what it takes to finish whatever we start. This is an essential skill set for ANYONE looking to level up their life in 2021 and beyond.


Right Now, You Have The Chance To Learn From Some Of The Greatest, Most Sought-After Speakers In The World!
Because not only will you get a front row seat to Eric Thomas’ LIVE comeback, you’ll also get to hear from: 
"His speeches are phenomenal. The way he breaks down wanting to be great, he breaks it down in such a way that you've got to truly look yourself in the mirror and say, 'Do I want to be great or am I just saying I want to be great?' He fuels you to go above and beyond."

Zion Williamson

New Orleans Pelicans Power Forward
"ET is just a ball of light. His energy, his inspiration, the way he views life and the way he can inspire so many people just by his words is huge. Sometimes I listen to his stuff whenever I'm feeling off or I need a certain message. He has messages for all different types of things."

Andre Drummond

Cleveland Cavaliers Center

But just before I introduce you to the THREE ticket options available to you today, let’s just do a quick “relatability check” to ensure that you’re in the right place…

Raise Your Hand If You Want To: 🙋
  • ​Discover the superpowers that you already have and unlock a life full of optimism, opportunities and only “good vibes”
  • ​Harness the power to overcome any challenge, breakthrough any obstacle, and squash the limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • ​Complete every task, tick off everything on your to-do-list and reach all of your financial, professional and personal goals in record breaking time
  • ​Create a life full of passion, joy, fulfillment, financial freedom and independence AND success
Mentally (or physically) raised your hand to one or more of the above? Then there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that…
Can't Make It To The Event In Person?

No problem, we got you. 


3L Marriage Conference (Sold separate)

Day 1: Saturday
9am-2pm General Sessions
2pm - 5pm VIP Sessions
5:30pm - 7pm Secret To Success Live Podcast (Access Pass Required)

Day 2: Sunday VIP Plantinum Day
9am - 2pm Mastermind Sessions

Not Sure? Overthinking It? Here Are The Cold Hard FACTS That You Need To Hear
#01 Whatever You’re Doing Right Now Is NOT Working
Whether you’re stuck in an unstable 9-5, working for “the man”, living for the weekend, OR you're struggling to even get a job at all. You’re fighting an uphill battle.

Whether you’re fighting tooth and nail to get your business off the ground, or past an unforeseen hurdle with absolutely ZERO luck, OR, you just can’t seem to start, execute or commit to your biz plan.

Your business isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whether your list of “things to accomplish before I turn 80” is getting longer and longer, and your patience is wearing thinner and thinner.

There’s Only ONE Fix, And That’s The LIVE 120 Conference!

Just being here at the very bottom of this page proves to me that you’re not a quitter. You’re a hard-hitter, a go-getter, and you’re READY to turn your current idea, or your ideal, from “just a dream” to reality. BUT, in order for that to happen…
#02 You Need To Get Out Of The Procrastination Paralysis Cycle...

Stop making excuses. Stop avoiding what needs to be done. Stop sitting there and hoping for a miracle to sweep you off your feet. The only person who can save you is yourself. I’m living proof of that. If you shut yourself in a box with your thoughts, anxiety and biggest fears, and you throw away the key…

You’ll always live an average life.
You’ll always have a to-do-list that’s longer than your right arm.
You’ll always have big dreams, big ideas, and no clear way to execute them.

Right now, you can get a head start and finish what you started TODAY by taking control of your life with Eric Thomas and the 120  Conference!

If you're ready to tear down every obstacle that stands between you and your best life, AND crush every limitation you've put on yourself or allowed others to put on you...
I Guarantee That Whatever It Is You Want To Do In Life… You Will Be Able To Do With The Live 120 Conference Behind You!
You want to be sipping mimosas on a beach in Mexico on a Monday morning? Let’s make it happen.

You want to permanently let go of that "I don't feel like doing anything today" feeling? I’m with you every step of the way.

You want to have more free time (and cash) to make ever-lasting memories with your friends, family and loved ones? There’s no better feeling.

You want the financial freedom and independence to start that business, pay off that debt, or buy that dream house without thinking twice about it? Everything you need is right here 👇
© 2021 Eric Thomas | All Rights Reserved
© 2021 Eric Thomas  |  All Rights Reserved